Painter / Graphic



Vladimír Jarcovják

Painter, graphic artist and restorer. Author of paintings, but also of sizable and monumental realizations inland and abroad, is on of those post-war pupils of Emil Fila who shortly after finishing studies at University of applied arts in Prague in 1950’s of the last century defined his conception of life, art and expression against artistic officiality of that time. The group of artists (painters and sculptors) and art theorists, to whom Vladimír Jarcovják also belonged, established art grouping Trasa (Track). “Trasa means path and it lead in different direction than ordered in that time”, says Eva Petrová, art theorist and co-establisher of the grouping. The creation of the individuals on their own paths of artistic expressions was not limited by the grouping membership and it could develop individually in harmony their talent and nature.

The period of 1960’s was then for Vladimír Jarcovják in token of aspiration for his own painting expression. He passed through the period of creation of paintings with solid structure and significant coloring inspired by his closest surroundings (still life and figural compositions) to structural and symbolical painting with the theme of objects and objects’ shapes from the history of mankind and various style periods. He created objects – paintings using different materials such as wood, metal, etc. The year 1965 was important for him, because he was awarded the first prize for a foreign participant at the „International Festival of Art” exhibition in Los Angeles. This award enabled him to make a study trip to Italy and France in the following year, which was a strong stimulus for his further creations.


The color is very important for the works of Vladimír Jarcovják in all stages of his production. The color, with which he tried to change the expression and content quality. The painting is a color testimony for him, which has certain spiritual contents. Every color has its own effect with deeper content. As a matter of principle he does not name his paintings in advance, because he does not start creating the painting with the idea of describing something or to give the painting literary meaning. He considers the finished painting an artistic value, having the right for existence without any further commentaries from the author.

At the current exhibition in the Beseda Gallery in Ostrava, which is the first separate exhibition of this unique and modest artist in Ostrava, there are introduced 17 paintings, representing his production from the period from 1977 to the present time. Some of the paintings are exhibited for the first time.
Petr Pivoda / The Beseda Gallery Guardian In Ostrava / October 2005